A strange toilet experience…..

As all of you must have seen in my previous blogs about the crazy fun activities, we have in our design thinking class, so in today’s blog you people are going to see one more such fun activity. Like every time in this class also Janja came up with such a new fun crazy activity ‘A toilet experience’.  

So basically, like every class we were told to form a group of three and each member of the group was given a particular role. I was a mute person; my other teammate was a robot and one was blind. We had to go to the washroom together and come back together. Before actually starting the task it seemed very easy and normal, but once we started walking together we realized oh shit, how is this possible because I was mute so I couldn’t talk and cannot tell instructions to the robot, the other person is blind who cannot see me what I am trying to tell by my actions and the blind has no idea what instructions to give the robot as the person cannot see. The robot cannot do anything unless it has been instructed to do anything.

So somehow, we three managed to get till the toilet, but once we entered the real struggle started as the blind person was clueless about the scenario of a toilet what it was like and which one was free. I was mute so I couldn’t even say a normal ‘excuse me’ to anyone and wasn’t able to explain anyone my problem. The robot was just standing there because it just couldn’t do anything till it was instructed t0o do anything. The blind person was having difficulties and was asking questions to which the robot responding. It was a total mess for all three of us. After that we managed to come back together to the class in same condition.

After coming back all the groups shared their experiences and problems they faced. All the groups were asked to map down their views and thoughts about this task using an Empathy map. The Empathy map was all about how to manage people and things in a systematic way.

Once again it was a crazy experience for me because it was a situation which I never even imagined would be so difficult. This task made me realise how difficult it is for the disable people on everyday bases. I really request everyone to help such people if they come cross anyone like this.

Design Museum visit….

The Design museum visit was a part of our design thinking module. It was the very first time we all went out for such a visit as a group. For our design thinking module, we have a team of four and we named it as Innouniverse. At the Design museum we were asked to visit and observe two sections, first the Beazley Designs of the year 2019 and Designer Maker User which is on the last floor of the museum. The purpose of our visit was to choose 3 innovative designs that explain the business strategy for it.

The design museum is really a big and very impressive place where one will get to know how the world is developing in the innovation field. Our team was very amazed and we all were so confused which design to choose as all the designs from every field like Science, Mechanics, Architecture, Fashion, Graphic design and Transport were so innovative and unique. After discussing and according to everyone’s choice the three designs were confirmed. We choose the Shed, Elvie Pump and Gacha.

The shed

The Shed is designed by the architects of the company High line. The Shed is an architectural design and it is a new art space for the city. It is a building that itself moves like a tray of matches emerging from a matchbox.  It consists of two levels of gallery space, a theatre, a rehearsal and event space.

The Elvie Pump

Elvie Pump is one of the smartest technology devices designed for women by a London based start-up in the year 2013. The device has been founded to address the difficulties for breastfeeding mothers of breastfeeding in public. So, they had designed the world’s first silent easy wearable breast pump. The pump also connects to a free smartphone app, which allows women to view milk volumes and track the pumping history for each breast.


Gacha is a self-driving Shuttle Bus designed by Japanese life-style company MUJI and Sensible 4 driving company. The bus is designed in such a way that it is sustainable to weather conditions. It gives service to any region. It is a completely travel aid transport mode of system for the old age. It also has Autonomous driving, artificial intelligence and is very eco-friendly.  

As it was the first time our group went out together for some activity, we realised that we really can do a lot of things for team. It was an amazing experience for to see all the innovative ideas the generation has come up with and the world is developing so much. I would have never ever got such a chance to actual go out and visit the museum myself specifically with my team if it was not a part of the design thinking module.

I suggest all of you to visit the Design museum when you come to London as it one can have a great experience. I hope all of you are enjoying my blogs.

Wow! Shoe…

In our second class Janja came up with a very unique task which we had to perform among a group of four. First Janja asked us how all of us will approach random people about a particular product and ask them what they think about it. She gave all of us a hint and indirectly told us how exactly we are supposed to be with people and approach them.

She told all the groups to go around the campus and check for people who were wearing unique pair of shoe or boots which attracted one immediately and take a survey for it. So, we want out all around the campus looking for people with unique shoes, I know it sounds funny, but still we all were enjoying it. So, finally we met a girl who was wearing a formal heeled wedge black suede shoe. Me and my team mates we all found her and the shoe very unique. We asked what made her buy the shoe and why was she wearing it on that particular day. After hearing to what she told us about her enter attire and the shoe I was so amazed that people are very different.

When we came back to the class, each group was told to share their experience and tell what made their shoe so unique that they choose that particular shoe for survey. I was shocked hearing each and everyone’s experience as people tend to be unusual which we don’t observe on daily basis and all of them have some other emotional or interesting attachment to it.

After that Janja told all the groups to actually make a shoe in very creative way. We all were provided some stationery and told to create a physical unique shoe which has something unique concept and meaning that represents the shoe. So, me and my team mates thought of making a luxury shoe that represents a person’s feeling. We named our prototype as The Vault. After meeting a lot of people in the campus and doing a research we came up with the idea of making a shoe that will make people feel confident and be strong. It was really a challenging task for me because it is very though to actually get down your thoughts into something physical actual thing. I also learnt that a prototype is very important in a design thinking stage, without it you cannot present or experience what actual you need to do.

This was my first time ever where I had seen such a fun innovative class. From the first class I enjoy and love this design thinking module. So I am always excited for this class and eager to know what interesting I am going learn in the next class.

I hope all of you are enjoying the blogs and are eager to know to read and know more about the blog.

Welcome to Kingston University!

I arrived in UK on 7th of October and the first place where I came was Kingston University and directly from the airport I came to Kingston as I am staying in University accommodation. From there my journey started with lot curiosity, excitement and a feeling of joy that I finally made it and yes, I’m here. Kingston University hill campus is a hell big amazing place where you can see a lot of continuous activities going on in the Kingston business school or at the library or the Kenry house. I was literally amazed by seeing all of these things and yes, sometimes I used to literally get lost in the campus it’s so big.

Image result for kingston university hill campus

Kingston business school is the main building in the Kingston hill campus where you can meet the Student council help centre and all the other staff. There is a big space inside the building where people hangout with each other after the class and have coffee. Then I went to the library and I was like WOW, this place is amazing. When you enter the library immediately on the left hand side there is cafeteria and when you walk inside you can see the help desk where there are people to help all the time about whatever doubt or problem you have while accessing to the library. There is printer section inside, a silent zone and a common area where groups can meet, sit and discuss about their work. Kingston library is a place where you can everything and anything you want and it has no end.

Related image
Image result for kingston hill campus library

Immediately on the next day I had my first class of module Entrepreneurship and growth of Innovative Business which is taught by our Course leader Evy. I was a little bit nervous as I had missed few classes because joined the university late almost like after a month. But all the classmates welcomed me very nicely and I made new friends on the first day. My second class was Designing thinking module for which I was excited the most as I had heard a lot about it from my fellow classmates and was also eager to see and meet the module leader Janja Song. In this class I saw a lot more people and I was happy because I got one more chance to interact with new people. In the first class, only I was like that yes, this class is fun. In the class Janja gave us small tasks to perform amongst group on particular topics where we have to think about something unusual which is challenging but at the same time it is fun and interesting. Janja is so supportive and the way she makes all of us think and do things for a specific topic is very unique and innovative.  

So basically, all the rest of my upcoming blogs are going to be about the interesting tasks and fun activities taking place in my Design Thinking module class. Believe me you all are going to love it!

A little bit about me,

Hello, my name is Shreya bhondave and I will be sharing my experience through the blogs about my wonderful ongoing journey in the world of Innovation. So basically, I am from India and have completed my graduation in International business management.  Now I am studying Innovation management & Entrepreneurship at Kingston University.

This blog is all about my personal experience at Kingston University and also about one of our amazing module Design Thinking which plays a huge role in my journey of Innovation.

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